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CPACS Cosmo Self-Measured Blood Pressure (SMBP) Program Resources

Welcome to the Cosmo Health Center SMBP Program!

You are taking the first step to taking care of one of the most important organs in your body – your heart. Below you will find a list of resources to assist you on your journey to a healthy heart. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Cosmo to help you with any questions you may have. Good luck!

Hypertension refers to high blood pressure, which affects nearly 47% of adults in the United States (CDC, 2021). The goal of this program is to help individuals control their hypertension by taking daily self-measures of their blood pressure and various lifestyle changes. Our program specialists will enroll you in the program at the clinic and check in with you throughout your journey.

Nutrition and a healthy diet are important in managing hypertension. Below are some resources that can guide you in cooking a variety of healthy meals.

WIC Recipe Sites

Stress Management

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